Waiting for the word birds to come – Kate Duff Poetry

Be here with the cup In the soapy water Be here with the toaster As it cooks Smelling the aroma of crusty bread Browning Be here with the sights and sounds of nothing more important arising Than dust motes drifting across the room As writers we are trained to panic It is ingrained this thought…
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9 thoughts on “Waiting for the word birds to come – Kate Duff Poetry

  1. I’m waiting not just for the words but for the *peace” to come. Elusive. Maybe it will come as I plant my seedlings into my garden today. Like baby birds, we’ll see if I raised them right. I suspect some will soar better than others…

    • I have runs on writing – lately I’ve been so focused on running and eating healthy again that I am just not thinking in poetry so much. My garden continues to be a lovely pastime too though – I’ll have to come over and see how yours is going Lynn. Sorry, as I said, been very distracted from blogging at the moment so haven’t been reading as much either.

      • I wish you could come across the pond and visit! I would love to meet you. Though I’m having a few issues with my garden. My tomatoes were going a touch yellow inside, so i planted half of them in the garden even though it’s slightly too cold. So now they are not happy either place. Will see if I murdered them. I also don’t think you can start lettuce inside and transplant it, though arugula I think did fine. i’ll have to plant some more lettuce seeds. Same with green beans. They MIGHT be ok out there, but they got too big too fast and they don’t like being transplanted. However, all my herbs seem fine and the peppers should be ok. My zucchini should make it, I hope. So some successes and some failures. I planted a few new green bean seeds already and will probably plant some more lettuce right into the ground next week. My biggest disappointment may end up being tomatoes. Might have to buy a few plants in a week or two. Bummer there.

      • I have a long list (and growing) or places I want to travel to when this virus thing is out to bed Lynn. At the moment they all seem to be in Australia, which prior to the outbreak I had wanted to travel overseas at the end of the year. May put that idea on the back burner for a bit. I would love to meet so many of the other bloggers – one year in the future maybe a blog tour hey? Have to make a lot of money first 😂 my zucchini have flowers all over them but not a lot growing yet – I’m eating the peas as fast as they appear – which is supposed to be encouraging them to grow more (at least that’s what I say to myself) and even the dog has started digging his nose in the tomato bed snuggling for the prized red cherry tomatoes – they are so sweet. Weather is perfect here but set to turn freezing later in the week – firewood stacked ready for that just hope my tomato’s survive the frost under their frame. The tomato sauce I made from the cherry Toms is amazing.

      • I love garden tomatoes even if they don’t really like me, so that is the biggest disappointment, but I might save them yet. No on the lettuce, though I have more to plant. And not sure on the beans. But most of the rest, zucchini and herbs and arugula lettuce ( and romaine some in my aerogarden) is great, so I have mostly done well.

        Your garden sounds lovely and I always wanted to go to Australia and Alaska, but now doubt I’ll get to Australia. My mother had $10K saved to go to Australia when she died of a massive stroke at 64 in 1994. She had me keep the money so my dad wouldn’t get it (she had an antique business) and I won’t get into my dad’s issues.

        We buried her with the $10K. A cautionary tale.

        I have just outlived my mother… hard to believe.

        I would love a tour. I have another blogger in California I really like and one in Canada. One in Lithuania. One in S. Korea. You have the most talent and the most passion…but there have been some interesting folks out there.

      • The whole world comes to me with news each day and via the very best way – personal insight. My parents also had dreams they didn’t end up seeing through – Dad had a wish to go around Australia on a motorbike – after he died my brothers and I took a motorbike tour out west and up north over the course of about ten days and went through towns he had jackarood and been a manager in – places he had mentioned his whole life in wistful tones. It was such a great trip and sort of bought closure to those unsung songs of Dads. They became ours instead and we sang them loudly in our helmets 😊

      • While I live off the grid and love life in the wilderness and am basically a risk taker, hiking, flyfishing (and loved owning and showing horses), motorbikes scare me. Like horses aren’t the most dangerous animals on the planet the way we interact with them! I’m almost ashamed to say that since those that ride bikes seem to be so passionate. Too many people here, I suppose. Speed of all kinds has always scared me even though I was athletic. We do ATV’s, though, and had snowmobiles. I go slowly on them mostly. 🙂 But love that they can take me places one can’t get without them.

      • I don’t speed and I love life way too much to be a risk taker (other than calculated risk) I love the travel and I don’t head east (towards civilisation) but west to the emptier roads of the outback. But everyone is different. I think if we ever move closer to the coast I probably won’t ride anymore – too many cars and distracted drivers. I once said to someone who was worried about me travelling alone on the isolated roads of the far west that I would have far more likelihood of getting wiped about some driver texting in town. Each to their own though. Motorbike travel calls to me but I rode motorbikes as a kid mustering on our property and zooming about so it never phased me the way it would for some people learning to ride later in life.

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