Wind Eaters

Wind eaters

Life breathers

Two wheels down

The group pulled into the parking lot

Of our quiet country town

Rumble of big engines

Silenced with a twist of a key

Lift the helmet

She grinned

Brown face

Silver hair

She laughed


Sun drunk

Shoulders back

Unzipped jacket slung sideways

They looked like they were bigger than the rest of us

Life force strong

They didn’t care to belong to the car park sheep milling about them

Carrying out their ordinary tasks

In their ordinary lives

Why would you?

When you can ride?

*this happened over a decade ago. This woman remains one of my chief inspirations to ride. I think I began googling when I got home how to get my bike licence.

She wasn’t beautiful nor young yet her life force, her energy and obvious love and lightness was tangible – I probably stared.

I love strong women.

Since then I’ve had adventures some good, some not so good but all very …for want of a better word – invigorating.

And that is what life should be – inspiring, invigorating, energising. Not some boring, humdrum half dead walk to the grave.

At the moment a lot of my focus has been on improving my running distances with a large part of that has to do with health – reducing stress and eating well.

So not much poetry or writing getting done.

Went for a ride this morning – recalled in doing so, my original inspiration for buying a motorbike – this woman.

The poem flowed – thank God because frankly with all the running and the cooking and the eating this blog was in danger of turning into a health orientated one.

If anyone is interested in more health orientated topics I may start a different blog for that, till then my Instagram stories will do I guess as I am getting a lot of positive feedback from there.

And at the end of the day there is that small issue of time 🤔😳😁

The poetry will return. It’s not so much that it’s not there actually – it’s just that certain things/people have been annoying me lately and poetry is so transparent.

I can’t write about rainbows and roses when my visceral view is a bit more storm clouds and lightening

Maybe that’s the reason for the blockage

Write the rants and get rid of them

It is a songline after all – my songline and not all tunes are high notes – music would be boring indeed if that was the case.

See how the week pans out – could be a rough one – hopefully see you on the other side…if you haven’t unfollowed 😬😁

13 thoughts on “Wind Eaters

  1. 🤭 is there something wrong with feisty (I think not). Have at it! I unplugged last week from all technology I found myself writing a few letters with pen and paper and posting them. Forgot how exciting it is to receive an actual letter or card. Carry on Kate, whatever direction you choose

    • Yeah I’m about to blow up all my social media accounts – will give notice then close them by the end of the week. They’re fun sometimes but what I’ve found is they also seem to be plugged into me somewhere and I can feel the energy leaking out when I’m on them and recharging when I’m not. Got to prioritise my energy flow, we are only given so much.

      • As I said before, I’m only on WordPress because I like to share my work, and read others blogs, it’s a community IMHO. I have FB so I can stay in “touch” with distant friend and family. Lol I have 50 friends on FB I love and know each on in real life. Do what you have to. Plz post here when you want, you’ll be missed 😕💙🤗🙏🏼

      • Oh no I love my blog! Wouldn’t kill that and don’t even think of it as social media. Social media is like Insta and twitter but once I’m over my temporary (and possibly hormonal) funk I’m sure I will find as usual it’s nothing out there – just an adjustment in here and off we go. 😊

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