Words saturating


Spinning tales of temporary things

Which do not need to be continued

Yet the words spin, drawing more from the passing thought

Then it requires


Filling the gap, they come spilling from my tongue

I hear them gushing

Where does the geyser lie

Under the skin

In the lungs?

verbiage continues

Sticking to the roof of my mouth

Bubbling up like saliva


I grow bored with the sound of the voice

In my head

Choose quiet instead

Stop talking


Stop talking

But it never ceases

Watch it steadily for a moment with focus

Hand raised

As if to swat the fly

Yet just as agile the mental voice waits on that bated breath

Focus moves

It speaks again

How awful to live

In this never silent head

That continues to write even when I have said

I would rather




*July! Ha it laughed – no thanks a week off is all you get. Other social media can stay silent but not the blog.

11 thoughts on “Silence!

  1. Ha, I thought you were taking a break away from social media!
    Glad that you’ve come to realize that our WordPress blogging community is nothing like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Though I’m not always able to fulfill my commitment of writing a post once a week, I enjoy staying connected with bloggers like you within my network 🙂

    • Hi Rosaliene oh I realised WP was different to other social media. I can’t begin to work up the oomph to deal with other social media at the moment but I love WordPress. I was more concerned that I wasn’t getting any other writing done but have since realised that any writing is better than none and we don’t always get to choose so to stop worrying about it. Hence my return to my blog hoping that without the distraction of other social media (that serves no purpose) I will get the rest of my writing done as well. Back to the beginning – just WordPress feeding my creativity big and extending to my other writing work….before I over complicated it all. Lovely to be back in touch.

    • It was highly enjoyable and sorted the chaff from the hay Len. I now know I can’t be without WordPress but am staggered to a halt on what to do with Twitter and Instagram accounts – the solution will find me eventually no doubt.

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