Spiced tri grain porridge with naked ginger, pecans and coconut yogurt

Quinoa and chia are actually seeds not grains and they are gluten free

Oats isn’t gluten free but it’s so good for you that if you can tolerate mild gluten – please eat oats – my hair and nails are so strong and lush lately because I have made porridge a daily staple

This porridge is inspired by a bowl full of goodness that I ate in a groovy foodie cafe in Freemantle WA called Duck Duck Go. It was rainy and cold outside and Steve and I were in a half rumble about several things. The ambience of the warm vintage tones, kind staff and beautiful food instantly soothed us and had us being very kind to each other.

That’s what good soul food does – it inspires love and compassion and kindness – especially if it is vegan.

Sorry had to slip that in and I guess Steve was perfectly soothed on his bacon and eggs so it is probably a bit irrelevant.

Steve – as usual – had the traditional breakfast he rarely wavers from his fry up.

I had this spiced porridge with a chai tea and was in raptures

A nice memory

I’m waffling…

Let’s get to the how to..

Note on the quinoa – I cook mine in batches and add to things like salads or this porridge from the fridge – so this was already cooked. Quinoa is really good for you – here’s a google snap shot because I’m lazy like that but do your research – plenty of reasons to eat this wonderful seed.

Blah blah …Quinoa is good for you

I also add chia seed because:

Chia seeds are good for you!

And then there are the oats. I love oats and they are the most underrated grain. I use quick oats because by the time I eat breakfast I am starving and I have no patience . Even if you don’t add in all the other stuff – oats solo are a great breakfast choice.

Told you I’m lazy – google snapshot of why oats are the bomb but do your research, I have in the past in several books – this is just a recap

Cook the oats (I use about a cup but I’m really hungry so you might only want half) in water with a little salt (according to packet directions) drop in a cup full of cooked quinoa and a tblsp chia – thicken it up and add a little more water if it’s too gluggy or oats if it’s too runny

Add 1/2 tsp each of Cardamom and cinnamon to the mix – if you want – it’s perfectly fine without these spices and I have it both ways depending how I feel on the day.

Slide the delicious morass (Insert Nigellas voice here please) into a delectable plate. The reason for the salt by the way (because I never used to add it and you only need a pinch is it sharpens the sweetness and taste of everything)

Now add pecans – hang on for Google below

And they taste amazing…

Chop up the ginger and sprinkle – I love this stuff and yes it has a little sugar in it but there is no sugar anywhere else in this recipe so…give yourself (and me) a break plus ginger is good for you but you may have to google that yourself.

Add a banana chopped (or whatever fruit you want but I love banana and pecan nuts)

Bananas are wonderful – easy to carry, comes in their own compatible packaging – just jolly good things to eat in general

And then add a few dollops of good coconut yogurt. Like dairy yogurt, coconut yogurt is full of probiotics which are good for the gut and it’s lovely and smooth – decadent really.

Now if you want to add some maple syrup at this point go ahead – no judgement here – I would myself but I’m trying to be sensible with the amount of sweetness I add.

That’s it – take a photo and smugly add it to your Insta! Dig in

Finished product yum!

6 thoughts on “Spiced tri grain porridge with naked ginger, pecans and coconut yogurt

  1. I love this. Thank you for the reminder of how good oats are. Your darling brother cooked oats for me this morning ( like he does most days). I’m going to add in your goodness tomorrow. So you have cooked quinoa in the fridge? Add it to the oats cooked? Xx I love your cooking. 🥰

    • Yep – cook up the quinoa a couple of cups quantity at a time and keep it in the fridge for salads or vege bowls or whatever. I do it and brown rice as well so always have on hand. You can freeze it too. Start with a little bit of spice and add some more to taste. 😋

  2. Oh that sounds delicious, I love porridge but have never thought to add ginger which I also love, thanks for this 👌

  3. Wow this looks so yummy! I always forget to eat my oats, so thanks for the reminder! Never thought to add ginger into my oatmeal though! Thanks for the tip, I’ll have to try it one day.

    Lately I’ve been letting my chia seeds soak in milk overnight and adding some fruit into it during the morning for a nice, cold breakfast.

    I do love making a fried quinoa dish, similar to fried rice! But a healthier alternative. 😉

    • I hadn’t thought of fried Quinoa – I love fried rice with cabbage and a little liquid smoke – I might try and create something similar! Thanks for the idea. The ginger is the sugar coated dried kind – it’s perfectly yummy with pecans and bananas. I love soaked chia too – did some with rose water this week and it was really lovely. Thanks for your comment it’s given me lots of ideas!

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