Spilt milk

Lines in the sand

Down the side of a page


Constraints we place

Some things in here

Not over there



Yet our lives spread

Like spilt milk

Just as suddenly, accidentally



Even while we are so busy trying to control


*there was an awful accident here on the week-end. Some young people flipped a car, killing two, injuring the others badly.

An accident. On a lazy Sunday afternoon, when the worst thing to happen should have been forgetting to put the roast on.


Now two families have lost so much, so devastatingly quickly, thoroughly, dreadfully.

It cannot be recalled or controlled or contained – it has happened.

Lives flown.

We think we can control things – we worry about our children right up until we die – it does nothing.

Nothing can be done.

Life is so excruciatingly wild.

20 thoughts on “Spilt milk

  1. I truly feel for the families. My own daughter was in a horrible car accident in Germany where she was stationed at the time. This Memorial Day was the 10 year anniversary. The driver walked away with a black eye and some bruises, he was the driver. If you saw the car from one side looked like new. The whole length of passenger side was crushed.
    Both legs broken (Femur the hardest bone in the body to break). Both thumbs broken, minor TBI (to this days it hard for her to listen to multiple conversations at once). Six months in a wheelchair (I was her caregiver feeding, washing etc like a baby again). Two surgeries (one leg the steel rod was not set right, both legs had steel rods and multiple pins) and 2 years of rehab. The accident happens two days before she was to deploy to Afghanistan. With all that 3 years later she put in for deployment (she felt she was obligated to for those in her unit that didn’t make it home). She’s now a staff sergeant and works in a unit for soldiers that have injuries both physical and mental, because she went though the why me (she asked me that, I said He has a higher purpose for you) anger and the physical and mental pain. She has had two surgeries on her leg and knee and lives with the pain daily. I don’t know where she gets the strength from.

    • I asked someone where they got their strength from once – how they kept going – how they didn’t collapse in a heap. They said they kept going because they had to. They just did. Your daughter will have untold strength inside – a well she can draw from that only grows deeper with time. She is lucky. Some people fall to pieces at the first puff of trouble – they have no well, no reservoir. Such a dreadful story and there are so many tragedies, every single day. Thanks for sharing your story Elle. ❤️

      • Kate, she tells me, Mom every time someone tells me I can’t, it motivates me to prove them wrong and wrong they will be. I thank God I have her. Hope all is well with you. I’ll include those lost and their families in my prayers.

  2. What a tragedy🙏🏻😭 there’s so much I want to share in response that could lead down a rabbit hole of the me me me mentality of this world. I’ll cherish each breath I have and encourage my fellow breathers while we exist. 💚

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