Reality by Rote

I blame the movies

The books

The Netflix dramas

That go on and on

The highs and the lows

That drive the story

And us

To believe that life is supposed to be lived like an amusement park ride

When really

Reality is calm

It is quiet

The sound of a leaf dropping


And the oscillating fan

The rest

The rest is all just in our head

*I know that this isn’t strictly true – life does get hectic sometimes but we also make it more full of drama by living in memory, diving ahead and worrying about the future



Drama addiction/affliction

We become so used to the toxic energy that comes from drama and drama thinking that reality almost feels staid


But actually it’s peaceful

Once we stop making up stories about it

3 thoughts on “Reality by Rote

  1. I think stories are ok; but we have to control our own narrative. We write stories in our heads all the time. TV of all kinds can be bad, though, because we do not control it and it wears. So I hear you.

  2. Glad to see you used the photos I took. I received a reminder from unpslash today, and I searched it accidentally.
    Poetry is great!

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