The souls avatar

Where do we go?

Is frequently asked

But a question

More important

Is who are we now

And where do we live?

In other people’s heads?

In a social scroll

Turning over and over

A bunch of tiny hearts



Cycling and dangerous to the mind that thinks

About everything

And nothing

Where do we live

Which version

According to who

How do we become just one person?

But we can’t

Not anymore.

Split metaphysically into a thousand tiny particles of energy

We pour ourselves into something entirely virtual

People think it is reality but at most

We are simply the host of a mad Mad Hatters tea party at the bottom of the rabbit hole

We drink the “smaller” tonic and we do indeed shrink

Another version of our being is stripped away every time we post

What is post?

What is like?

What is avatar?

What is any of this but a construct that didn’t even exist

Twenty years ago?

I think of my Mother

Her hands in red soil

Planting a tree

That many will never see

Sewing patches on shirts

That hung on shoulders she could hug

Walking barefoot

Singing hymns

To the wind


Her brain eventually split into a million different pieces

She didn’t know who she was

But her soul knew itself

And it was whole

What will happen to me?

I carry the seeds of forgetfulness already

Vigilance is necessary

I can’t control losing my mind

But misplacing my soul


Would be a catastrophe.

*header picture is a photo from last week-end. I was up at the gorge and climbed Bulimba Bluff at dawn to eat my breakfast overlooking the national park.

I find solace in the real world. It anchors and tethers the mind to truth. A truth that cannot be tampered with via Social media feeds and echo chambers. A bird is a bird and the mountain you sit upon is ancient.

All the stupidity of humanity falls away and something timeless and reliable becomes apparent. My soul surfaces and I feel whole again. Solid.

12 thoughts on “The souls avatar

  1. Your words always stir my soul. I understand them and you so eloquently describe what I can’t put into words at times. Your pic is stunning. It reminds me of a pic I have overlooking the Snake River in Idaho when I made my liberating 2 month journey with just my pup. It’s in these moments I feel my truth and realness. Happy Easter my friend. 💛💚❤️

      • It really was Kate. Our largest gathering since Covid. Although accompanied with a bit of melancholy over close-to-death illnesses regarding my Mom’s older brothers, we all still laughed and rejoiced in our day. And stuffed our bellies. Oh my. I made two dozen deviled eggs and that was the only devil to appear in our day! Ha. We’ll not forget it. I hope it’s been lovely for you too. 💛

  2. I wish there was a time machine and we could go back to the simplicity of childhood once in a while…to feel that warm, comforting reality of days gone by…

    • When I look back on childhood now it feels like it happened to another person – like watching a movie that I’m two steps removed from. Everything has changed so much in the decades since then – I wonder what the next fifty or so years will bring.

  3. Beautiful landscape to reconnect with Mother Earth! I’ve avoided platforms like Facebook and Twitter because they can suck one into the “bottom of the rabbit hole.” On WordPress, I’ve found meaningful ways to truly connect with individuals, like you, who never lose sight of the real world. Happy wanderings 🙂

    • Thanks Rosaliene. Completely agree regarding other platforms – I used to love Instagram but even that is sticky and surreal these days. I just follow a few people who are genuine so catch up with their posts –
      For the most part it is WordPress I look forward to reading most.

  4. And those Aussie mountains are about as ancient as you can get. 🙂 … I used to feel like I could sink down through them to the center of the Earth and remember the beginning of Time itself. 🙂

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