Passing showers

I thought I told you

I’m sure I did

I reminded myself

As we always said

We would

But days run away and grow up to be months


And all the words we didn’t say turn into concrete marked with children’s prints

They resemble only the things that no longer fit

Large hands cover small fingers

We all grow old

Love only lingers when it isn’t left to grow cold

Stale coffee rings around the cup

Marked paper stains I lift it up

Washed and refilled daily our favourite mugs

Pour the boiling water, dunk the tea bag and jiggle

Topped with cold water the last few inches

Just the way you like it

Placed beside your work

You look up

We smile

I thought I told you

But when love lasts awhile

It is more likely the demonstrative kind

“Drink your tea, before it gets cold”

A reminder because you’ll forget

Already lost

You lower your head and forge on

Another round of sums and figures

Scrawl across the page

The mug steams quietly

Tea turning into air

I am another day old

Watching the rain fall and wondering what will grow from these passing showers

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