Human Beings

She serves my coffee
Black clad from the boots up
Long tanned legs
Attitude for miles
A pile of tangled hair
Sherry brown eyes
Something rich buried inside
I wish I could inhabit her life
For just one day
And see what it’s like…

*So many people, so many worlds. The waitress yesterday, I loved her style. It wouldn’t suit me at all, plus she was only twenty or so, still I wondered what it was like to be her.

A homeless man grinding his teeth, lay on a chair along the street, smoking cigarette after cigarette. He shouted at me

“Got a dollar miss?”

I didn’t want to be him, but I still pondered his existence.

Yesterday also, the girl that saved me in the hairdressers when I was having a not so great a day, with essential oils and the best neck, shoulder and head massage. She was so thoughtful and kind, she changed the course of my afternoon and reminded me, we are all capable of brightening someone’s day. And we should, wherever possible.

Everyone we come into contact with, and of course all of those we do not, are experiencing this world in myriad ways. From the time we all wake, to when we sleep, paths are crossing, chemical and emotional reactions occurring.

As writers, dreamers and artists, we are able to imagine and assume yet we cannot inhabit another’s skin.

It is the wonderful work of the world we all occupy, at the same time, simply humans being.

Life is endlessly interesting

Header photo: a photo I took in Toowoomba when we were there earlier in the week. The bricks at the bottom of the wall are crumbling. Foundations. Old buildings. Nicely renovated out the front, falling down at the back. People, personas, attitudes. I have so many photos on my camera roll but many trigger ideas and that’s why I take them. Not that I can always recall later why 😊

It’s the week-end here yay! Hope you are enjoying the days wherever you are

15 thoughts on “Human Beings

  1. I have always wondered what it would be like being able to live other peoples lives for a day. As writes we definitely do imagine that more than others. I have experiences like the ones you described all the time.

  2. I love the characters in this ‘story’. Even the tiniest of actions can make a whole lot of difference to our or others’ days. Even a “hello” and a smile can make the difference between someone’s day being miserable or cheerful. It can change the whole perspective of the person receiving the kindness as well as the giver of the kind act. My motto is ‘you can never do a kindness too soon.’ I’m glad your hairdresser was able to change the course of your day to a better one. Xx 💛🌷💙

    • Thanks Ellie, and I think when we remember to focus on others more, our own lives fade into the background for awhile. It’s no fun being the main character really, everything happens to them 😊

  3. I’ve had similar thoughts – wanting to experience the lives of others, just for the experience of something so outside of myself. And I marvel at home many humans there are, and how each is unique. Different lives. Different relationships, preferences…everything. It’s mind blowing.

    • When we consider every human being has the same deep emotional and mental life of our own, it is like considering the magnitude of then universe. Everyone is unique and incredibly special yet completely ordinary at the same time.

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