How good do you look naked?

Poetry – spoken word and mini movie here:


How good do you look naked?

Metaphorically of course

Just stepped out of the shower

And someone hits you







Do you respond calmly




Or do you rage in your response?

Enough so that you feel dirty

And have to step back under the shower again

Every day we could be hit with a barrage of humans behaving badly

And it may be easy to handle them

Once we’ve had our coffee

Put makeup on

The veneer of civility applied

But how deep toward the other direction do you slide

When you are naked


You may wonder why I ask

None of my business of course

But it is yours

Because I think when we can finally always respond

In the same way

With the same amount of grace


Or bare faced

We have won the internal war


No one


Drag us low enough

To respond


*a thought I pondered during my run this morning. I think awareness is key, peace of mind is kept through continual awareness which brings internal calm.

When we are able to operate from that place of stillness all day and more importantly at any time and in any moment as my metaphor “naked” suggests then we gain freedom from the constraints of purely ignorant emotional reaction.

The Buddhist’s liken it to carrying a glass of still water internally

One day, one day I will get there.

Also – since I have been making these little poetry movies a contact on Instagram suggested that I post them to tik tok – so I set up an account and have been doing so.

My question – is anyone on tik tok?

All my social media contacts are here with links including tik tok if you feel like connecting on other platforms.

Cheers and have a lovely day

14 thoughts on “How good do you look naked?

  1. This is a good post for me. I get surprised by other people behaving “nakedly” and I respond sometimes in kind. Should get back into that shower. Though I DID read lately that people who let things out live longer, people who see the glass half empty are sometimes better prepared, control their surroundings in hospital situations and more, and are not necessarily more “negative,” just prepared! I of course liked it because I can’t claim to always behaving well. 🙂 But I DO find yoga and meditation helps me and I aspire to better behavior! And people who are measured have a chance at persuasion where others do not. But I will think about your post as I do my yoga here today and I need it for a while since I am trying to right my system and I need to smooth out! A good day for me to do that since it’s been a rough one for me on some basic levels. So I will meditate now and get to my novel!

    • I don’t know – I’ve always had this yearning for a zen like calm Lynn. I know it’s attainable as I often operate out of peaceful place these days but if I’m caught unawares it shocks me how quickly I can be yanked sideways still. I know that just human but it would be good to get to a place where no one and nothing could disturb me – I guess that will happen when I die 🤔🙄😊 but it would be nice to take advantage of it while I was still breathing. And I don’t mean acting calm, I mean authentically calm. Oh well we always want what we can’t have – if I was that calm I wouldn’t write poetry or write at all – writing is the bridge that empties messy emotions on the way across. Enjoy your yoga – don’t know what I would do without that either. 😊

  2. I hesitated writing~because I don’t have the words to express my gratitude. My soul searches out deep thinkers with deep souls. Those whose physically alter their own DNA expression by cleansing the soul. I’m shocked with myself how fast I can be rattled still on certain days; yet, I have a calm soul and Mountain View as much under later. I see myself naked and truly wish to respond in the same way, whether naked or clothed. And when I reach the “I’m content and nothing can offend me” layer, I exist more peaceful. And to state something obvious about myself that’s really throwing a curve in this plan of peace~menopause. Oy vey 🤦🏼‍♀️ your mini-movies are amazing. I wish to know how. I’m now an IG follower of you. Karlie70. I’ll use my flannel with faith to follow as well. Keep
    inspiring us with your raw authenticity of words. 💚

    • Hey thanks Karlie – I will make sure I’m following you back – I usually do follow back busy sometimes I miss the notifications because I tend to do here things at once. On being naked – it’s hard – this poem stemmed from an instance where I thought I was maybe giving too much of myself away “publicly” on the blog and worries about it – one of those deep interior trips. I came out the other side and thought as long as I’m being authentic that is all that matters.

  3. When I respond poorly it reminds me I’m no better than anyone else, it keeps me humble. Feels like shit, but it keeps me humble.
    Thought provoking post Kate

    • It is thought provoking Mare. I still don’t know if I got to the heart of what I was trying to say you know? I also respond poorly at times but then as you say – it’s bloody humbling and so isn’t that good – to be bought back to earth again? Humble is good and I’m grateful for the lessons – like I said one day I might even be a zen like super being – but I doubt it – striving to be better is all we can do but it just shuts me when some pea brain makes me respond badly. Which is why I try and remain particularly vigilant around those sorts 😂

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