The Dogmatic Parrot – Voetry

A return to spoken word aka voetry clips

Hope you enjoy

Volume up

Landscape (if using your phone)

(Movie of woman training a parrot with my spoken word poetry in background – for sight impaired readers)

12 thoughts on “The Dogmatic Parrot – Voetry

    • Thank you Sidharth – I enjoy making these compilations – it’s kind of how poetry always appears in my head when I write it – a series of images. It’s just tracking down the right images to go in the tiny movies and then getting the flow right

  1. Hi there! First to be on your blog and I just wanted to say hello.
    By the way, I am new in blogging and I just recently I made a challenge to myself to do blog hopping for the next 21 days. Each blog I will have it’s link posted on my blog so you can check yours. Hope you can support me leaving a comment on my blog.
    I followed your blog too.

  2. THis is quite a bit different than the average post – but also very interesting! Thanks for sharing! Beautiful parrot!

  3. Lovely and wise……(side note congrats on 1,000 😉
    while making dinner last night Jase and I were discussing how parents “make” their kids do things, like certain sports for example. “Be the best so I can look like the best because of you” Ahhh you know the song and dance……

    • Ahh the song and dance! I’m sorry Mare my comments haven’t been coming through my notifications – just checked because another blogger mentioned it – check your comments hun just in case you are missing some too! I was missing my usual chat and felt I had offended someone or something – lots of love X

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