The orchestra falls quiet

It’s a funny thing poetry

Emotion opens the page

Feelings push the pen

Stroke the keyboard

Arrange words

The heart overseeing everything like a conductor who denotes

You speak

Now you

And you

And you

And the melody flows forth

From within

To without

Where it becomes this poem

Or rather prose (of course)

Which your eyes

Pick up

Take to your brain

Or sometimes

When the words allow

They take a less circuitous route

Instead absorbing them

Directly into your heart

It’s a funny thing because without emotion the inclination does not begin

To write

Instead you potter around doing other things and then emotion sweeps in

And ..:

But if there is too much emotion

A block forms in the throat

Too much anger




Provokes a suddenly choked feeling and nothing flows

And you have to wait for the room to calm

The orchestra to fall quiet

The kid in the back row to stop making farting noises…


Then the heart

Will once again be able to conduct

And the fingers to write




16 thoughts on “The orchestra falls quiet

  1. I’m enjoying a belly laugh at the kid in the back row making farting noises, oh my goodness, I can’t stop laughing.
    Spot on, if there’s too much emotion it’s impossible to write. It has to be that calm, yet emotional zone, feels trancelike when it washes over you.

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