You know what I mean?

It’s difficult to write poetry

When the sun is shining

And butterflies are circling

The breeze is cold

But out of the wind

The warmth toasts

My skin

And the dog sighs and stretches

Tail beating out a tune if I whisper her name

But she’s too lazy to get up and come over here for a pat

As the plants sketch

Shadows across the walls

And the light creeps steadily across the floor

And I think about what to write

Finally deciding

Oh this will do

On this day that meanders nowhere with nothing pressing to do

You know what I mean?

No doubt

You feel this way too

20 thoughts on “You know what I mean?

  1. Yup, those days where things feel just right, even though nothing has changed from the day before, or the day before that. Those days are the deep cleansing breaths we need to keep putting one foot in front of the other. The days when we just are, and nothing more. Perfectly said Kate 🙂 Is it weird that I really like the shoes in the photo hahaha? There’s something so happy about them. I have a hammock like the one pictured. Its a double and i’m all off 5 feet 2 inches. I have plenty of room for a stack of pillows and down blanket and a stack of books. It’s my cocoon of comfort. My favorite place on a crisp sunny day

  2. It’s a relatable experience
    Most times I just stare at anything for a while and admire its design then I’m enlivened and off writing about that thing

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