Autumn Regrets


Covers me like a blanket



An endless bucket

We pour into separate cups

Drink tea laced with cyanide

Stare at toxic tea leaves




Is dredged up

With each new tide washing over a being

I wish

Heartfelt sigh

Regrets build as time drifts by

A small mountain

A tall wall

Over which we drag heavy feet

If at all

Regret is why people rush for a clean slate

They cannot participate in any more of this morbid turbidity drug on incoming sigh


They decide to leave

Start again – a new life

Or at least a final curtain

Regret lives in a person

So therefore

Change the person

Lose the regret

And with such painful steps at every breath

I see the reasoning

But have come to believe in

A better purpose

For regret

And put to purpose



Regret is a filter

We apply out of habit but what if we began to look at it


What if that led to this and therefore you would have missed

Something worthwhile

If not for that much regretted thing that you did

What if it was part of the path and you weren’t supposed to take on the task of so harshly judging yourself

Perhaps everything really does happen for a reason

Our lives turn seasons

Like trees

Shedding leaves

Imagine if trees began clinging to things

That were merely supposed to fall

Be like the trees

Drop it all




It is what it is.

Now just live

And let the rest fall

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5 thoughts on “Autumn Regrets

  1. Amazingly I have not given in to regret in a long while. Somehow I caught on to it’s futility a while back and started saying, “Hmmm, it’ll be interesting to see how this decision plays out in the future.” and yet, some decisions are made without thinking and the wake up call can be a slap in the face, so you re-direct and keep putting one foot in front of the other.

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