The voice in our head


In our little tin boxes

Walking around in our purpose built bodies


strung out in our heads

Everything we see



Arriving through the filter

Of us

In the end

The only things we truly own

Are what we say

What we do

What we’ve done

And the voice in our head

That it all comes through

And never shuts up

Till we’re dead

It houses our truth

As we see it

What lives we could have led

If not for the voice

In our head

That said we couldn’t




And in the end

It’s just some damn voice

In our heads

17 thoughts on “The voice in our head

  1. This is a wonderful poem for so many reason! We would like to host it on our site. For some reason, we cannot seem to Reblog this particular poem. Do you mind if we strip it from your page as a “Re:Blog” pointing you to your blog?

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