It will be here soon

When I was a child

And it was hot

I used to turn on the hose

And splash

Filling up buckets

And filling up pots

Washing the verandah down

With Mum

Turning on the tap

And letting all that water


And run

As I grew older

The water seemed to become scarce

Not the kind that runs out of tap

But the sort that comes from up there 👆

So much time waiting

And praying

Watching for signs


Flying ants

Ant nests built taller

In anticipation of flooding water


Well that’s what the adults said

And so we waited with bated breath

Guts drawing tighter

With each storm gone round

Sometimes it felt like

We had never drawn a good solid breath in our entire lives

And the pressure became a strap

Drawn tight

Tugged at and hitched higher

Every night

Barely sleeping

all that breathing out

With nothing coming in

Except flies

And dust

And whirl winds

When it begins

It is with wonder

Spots on a hot tin roof

The first



Then harder and harder

Till you can’t hear anyone speaking

And you don’t have to

Because everyone is grinning

And the gutters overflow

And the water runs in rivulets

Through the red dirt

Turning it to mud

Grey light

Shuttering the paddocks from view

And all the time

The roar

Of rain on the roof

It’s coming

It’s coming

It will be here soon

27 thoughts on “It will be here soon

  1. ‘All that breathing out, with nothing coming in, except flies. and dust, and whirlwinds..’
    So beautifully sketched out Kate, with each new line building towards the oceanic release.
    I was there, with you, awaiting the wonder.
    (Btw, I’m finding difficulties in subscribing …..your site has rejected both my e-mail addresses. It doesn’t matter..I can keep looking in 😊)

    • Oh thanks Kevin – I will check out what is going on – WordPress can be a bit pedantic at times and guess what? (I shall now tell you so we don’t go back and forth) we had a storm here this afternoon 40 points and potential for further storms tomorrow so …it was coming – now for the follow up cross fingers

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