Conversations in earnest

Hemingway said

“Write hard and clear about what hurts”

But if I do that

The words will burst from my chest

And hit you in the eyes

And we shall both cry

So instead I will say

“I’m fine”

And leave it at that

17 thoughts on “Conversations in earnest

    • Some things are too tangled for me to have the patience to work through – so like the Christmas lights it’s easier these days to throw them in the bin, a new set will come along. Everything is cheap these days, even emotions. I try not to become too attached but they do provide good poetry on their way through.

  1. Wow!! This is so good.. simply beautiful words ❤️. Sometimes it easier to say “I am fine” than to explain the entire situation which we are going through because people don’t always understand and are not ready to listen what we might have to say!!

  2. Such a powerful poem with so much depth and meaning. It’s been a while since I’v heard that quote but writing is such a healing process. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Hemmingway, love him, well done Kate 🙂 Hope you are well
    I know when the words “I’m fine” slip out, I’ve got something beneath the surface that needs my attention.
    Jase never accepts it as an answer and never allows me to walk away. Sometimes I want to poke him in the eye and say ” will you please let me go sulk in the corner and suck my thumb.”
    He puts on his shit kickers and jumps in the sewage with me and we untangle it together. Some days I hate him for it

    • I think my comments are playing up still – didn’t get this till now or maybe it is just my head has been so full all week. Friday evening and settled in to switch off and read for awhile. Now I’m truly fine. Your Jase is such a lovely bloke Mare.

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