Lose your fear of flying



Heat rushing

Heart sinking




The fear of failing

being seen as




I’ve had all these fears

All these moments

Again and


and again

And I’m still alive

There is a second sometimes when I post something

Where I literally  have to walk through a brick wall

Harry Potter

Wizard or Muggle?

If you make it through the indecision

You are a wizard

Because you just beat some of the biggest fears in the world



Peer review

Good on you

Now get up

And do it


and again

and again

Until you find

like me

That only the wizards are truly free

and that in itself is worth trying

To lose your fear of flying


  • I joined Tik Tok yesterday following a recommendation from a fellow instagrammer that it would be a great platform for my poetry mini movies.
  • That remains to be seen but it is a huge distraction and highly entertaining.
  • I was scrolling through and watching hundreds of normal people having the best fun and dancing and being crazy. It was great – I had sore cheeks from smiling.
  • Until I came across a couple of accounts talking about of bullying on tic tok.
  • How bad it was. How severe. Of course it would be – humans aren’t allowed to have fun and be creative without other humans who are negatively inclined bagging them. I can see how the hate would be equal to the joy on such an app.
  • This will happen to anyone of us regardless of age, gender or area of interest that decides to put our work or  that stands up and decides they are going to live their lives creatively and according to their own internal beat.
  • When I first began blogging and everyone who knew me knew I had a blog – it was terrifying
  • Here I am, every day, laying heartfelt poetry on the table on all my social media platforms
  • I don’t know how many times I hit post with red cheeks and a heart beating so loud I could hear it
  • I kept going because …I don’t know, I’m stubborn, I love poetry and because this sort of bravery is freeing
  • Very freeing
  • And it gets easier although I still hesitate sometimes or throw something back to drafts until I can work up that extra oomph
  • This was one of my favourite mini movies/poems to write and make – I hope you like it as well
  • We are the wizards and every day we get to choose to have an awesome life and live it just the way we please
  • May your day be wonderful and magical and blessed from my heart to yours ❤️ 🤘🌈😘😎


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