This floating day, between now and then, and soon to beWith no definitive dateSomewhere past Christmas, yet not quite flipping calendars into a new yearDark clouds and a sodden beachEveryone I pass carries their anxiety in a fragile maskFurtive eyes wonderingfrom hour to hourWhat is coming around the bend They’ve let it loose. Set us […]

I wonder

I spent the week-end asking myself questions. There is nothing like concern for someone you love to make you pound the “what if ” keys like a heavy metal rocker… It was certainly noisy in there Desiring peace, I leant on my new incense habit until my hair smelt like a gypsy. Realising that it […]


Belonging It’s not what we think it is Who do we belong to? If not ourselves? Click clack Distract Retract Back into the “real world” Moment blown away We yearn To belong Yet Won’t spend the time needed On The only person we ever can truly belong to Paranoia Anxiety Fear Other Outer Symptomatic of […]