Time is passing

This dirt road is full of patterns


Tyres from the cars that pass

Snake slithers

Lizards scrawling

Birds that land and pace about

And my own foot prints

As I run this path

Day after day

Hieroglyphs that say

Time is passing

*Morning runs – blessed to be able to run. Blessed to be able to run dirt roads and tracks and be connected to nature every Morning. Blessed to run beneath a sky as it changes colours. Blessed to breathe deep and have sustained steady energy all day. Blessed to live where I do.


Feeling rather blessed at the moment 😊

17 thoughts on “Time is passing

  1. I love the imagery in this. So beautiful and calming, much needed at this time. I adore the line “Hieroglyphs that say Time is passing” Wonderful!

    • Thankyou my friend, it just wrote itself that way really. I run every day along the same dirt roads and I love all the footprints and tracks from animals and birds that appear overnight. My own tracks are gone and there is always fresh news from the natural world.

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