Old Haunts

The bovine and the sheep

Prefer the broken ground

The known track

Even the wild dog circles back

To good hunting places

Imagine for a moment the human

Constantly seeking new waters with which to chart

Evolution requires courage

And a heart that can withstand being open

4 thoughts on “Old Haunts

  1. Humans have always been trailblazers. We’ve never been sheep. In any way. Unfortunately, there are people who are too easily led. Being too gullible has proven disastrous throughout history. Not all trailblazers deserve to be followed. My family came from Canada as pioneers, part of the lumber industry, and my great grandfather ran the steamboat for passenger traffic and worked in the camps in the winter. My great uncle ran the dray service. We’ve always had rugged settlers and trailblazers. Many of them great people. But also important as you talk about circling back around is not to tread again paths that proved wrong in political history. Doing things over and over expecting a different result is the definition of insanity? You don’t reinvent the wheel, you use it to improve things?? Ha.

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