Really good easy cookies

These are kept and vegan and all the things – they are also made with just avocado, chia seeds, peanut butter, maple syrup and cocoa and optional vegan choc chips. High protein, good fats and plenty of fibre – eat three, I did.

You can find the recipe here ://

Sweet as honey also includes options for an egg instead of chia, I had a lot of ripe avocados so this was a great way to use one up and it doesn’t make a heap of cookies just six medium sized ones or a couple of big ones.

I’m adding the recipe here basically so I can come back and find it easily.

Btw I ate it with coconut yogurt which has the perfect smooth creamy tang to offset the deep fudgy (they are rich and velvety like a very good brownie) lusciousness (picture Nigella Lawson saying this, I am)

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