Waiting for an updraft

If the year that was

Is now over

Let me leave it there

I don’t want to take this lesson again


Through another pattern of stars

The constellation of a life

Burnt energy falling to earth

Muffled into conformity

Repeating steps built like code

Into DNA

Puppet on strings

I follow the trail

Higher and higher

Yet find no hands at these reins

Do we choose our own path

Or are we led

Like prize cattle

Into the abyss

Is there something higher

Up there

Or is it an intelligence

So broad

That we are mere particles

Flecks of dust

Raised by emotions

A whirl of energy passes

And splatters

Wings broken before we got here

So we appear as human

Yet we are more

A feather drifts

And I recall how it felt to walk with wings


Until the updraft kicks in

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