Scattered beads

There is a space inside
A vast auditorium
Where we stand together
And connect
We file in
One by one
The heartbroken
The desperate
Those who have hit rock bottom
The enlightened
The ones who stumbled in drunk
The forgotten
Those that have lost their way
Or just found it
For these are the states
In which we come
One by one
And suddenly the lights go on
And we are many
We arrive here by music
Or poetry
Great art
Shots to the heart
Meditation reflecting
The white
Of the universal mind
Keep us here
For a moment
Then we are gone
Scattered once again
Flung like beads
Once strung
On Gods necklace
To disappear deep into the couch
Roll away under the bed
Some never found
Dead sparks abound
Flagging a lost connection
But some mark the trail
Scatter the crumbs
Find their way back again
To be strung
Once again
And connect

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