In which I reinvent my yoga practice and become enlightened …well lighter

My yoga practice today was different

Different because I actually had one

A beautiful one

Time stopped 

And all the hassles

That shake their very annoying tambourines from the sidelines of my life

Fell silent 


Even if I commit to a morning dance with my mat

I end up thinking about 

All that other stuff

And we all have

Other stuff

Today I really tried to be 

A little bit


Because it had been awhile

My muscles were stiff

So I did a little warming up

Bit of Ti Chi

A little karate/kung fu (my masters are Karate Kid, Bruce Lee and Kung Fu Panda – I know – Great Sage)

And a little circle/breath work

Which turned into jumping


Aaaand a fast decline 

Or upclimb

Into interpretive dance

So I was breathless and smiling broadly by the time I finally began my Yoga practice  proper


The difference it made to my thoughts

To my energy levels

To my happiness and content


Guess what

I dropped myself 

Shed my skin

And I like who I became

I decided to carry this new person

This one 


Takes herself lightly

Breaks into dance steps up the hallway

Wiggles her overgrown eyebrows

In the mirror instead of sighing

There has been too much



Lighten up lighten up lighten up

And I realised

With a bomb that damn near flattened me into a chair

Or that may have been the over extension of my leg (what the hell was I thinking ? I blame Phirrel Williams)

This is everything that is wrong with me

I am too serious

I take my life too seriously

Life is the very last thing we should take seriously

We are here

For such a short time

Yet we load ourselves up with so much pressure

Pressure to succeed

Be good

Be great 

Be brilliant

Be kind to everyone  

To do


Be enlightened for Godsake 

Tooooo much

And then wonder why 

We get locked up

Stare at walls

And wonder far too deeply about how much

We fail

——No more

I’ve said it before but that was with a different handle on this thing

Called life

I’ve dropped 

Out of that

Out of everything

Or rather the attitude 

The bookwork

The housework

The work

Must still be done – I get that 

But why not with dancing


And smiles 

We are alive!

And I am not some slave of the domestic domocile’s ho hum

The work God’s nun

And I know that could be done

And said


But I’ve quit trying so hard at that also

I’m a drop out 

To the humdrum and the hohum and the mustbedone now!

And a drop in

Any time

Sort of a “insert poetical thing”

And every morning will now begin


Bad bad BAD wicked Kung fu

Circles and head flicks

High flung kicks

Interpretive dance

And yes 

Is it just me or is my new yoga mat a little um you know um…do you see it?? Picture above, I’m worried it’s just me 😳 anyway I’ve add a fleece for meditation and floor work because it’s just a bit tooooo much 😁😁

3 thoughts on “In which I reinvent my yoga practice and become enlightened …well lighter

  1. I absolutely love my yoga mat. Actually it’s not just yoga; a little bit of exercise in the morning is a great way to start the day. Its nice to know you’re liking yoga and it’s helping you take life as it comes😊

    • I’ve always gotten out of the house and gone for a run or a walk but lately there commitment to Yoga is what I’m enjoying most so going with that first and then whatever else second 😊

  2. My aged legs are far too stiff for the hathayoga asanas. Pranayama, clear the mind, be quiet, stop thinking so much. Repeat, repeat, repeat for fifteen years. Everything else sheds away, don’t try it if you don’t want everybody around you to grow up and go away. Had to leave the mat behind, there was no room for it. Too bad, I could have used it to separate my body from the sand. Still….there is something called “the grounding movement” where you are supposed to go barefoot, and get electronically balanced. I have diabetic feet, which need to be protected from injury and infection, but according to the story, in Alaska people started digging holes and laid in the dirt in them, so that eventually they ended up losing their disability insurance.

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