Broken skin


Are a sharp corner

Lifted tin 

Cutting me

Snagging my shirt

Old hurt


The ragged nail

That I chew

I don’t want to

But I cannot resist

When my thoughts run across you

I give in

And chew


Gnaw until I’ve gone too far and drawn my own blood

No more

I am tired of your presence

Your toxic fumes

Depart these rooms

Leave them vacant

Open a window

Light a smudge stick

Wafting smoke






If only it were that easy 

My mind hoards junk

Snakes slither out from every second kicked over log

Grasping and bogging me needlessly in the past

Move on 

Move on

(And stop kicking over logs…)

But some people just give me the 🤢 … moving on😁 seriously meditation people – best 20 minutes of my morning and the difference it makes to having a useful interface on my motherboard is quite amazing 😉 

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