Thoughts go by

And it’s raining out of nowhere Like the sky has changed moods And the mist in the paddocks Is blocking the view of the cold blue hills in the distance The iron on the roof is prickling in response But I’m not really listening though my nerves twitch along with the musical notes that pour […]

Goodbye Blossom

News of a funeral the passing of a life memories dredged to lay damply on the surface of the mind some things spring quickly, so clearly the horse bets countless puffed cigarettes gravelling voice like tyres running across nicotine stained vocal chords and the way he stood of a morning one arm folded across his […]

Broken skin

You Are a sharp corner Lifted tin  Cutting me Snagging my shirt Old hurt Tearing The ragged nail That I chew I don’t want to But I cannot resist When my thoughts run across you I give in And chew Nibble Gnaw until I’ve gone too far and drawn my own blood No more I […]