Instagram Words

Smaller poems, bits of prose and inspro on Instagram at @otherbitsofpaper haven’t the link sorry but come find me bloggers so I can find you back. Drop handles in the comments or just form to Instagram – there is something wrong with my widget at the moment and I’m fixing – until then come find me the long way 👌

8 thoughts on “Instagram Words

    • Oh awesome – I will find you back – my widget is playing up you can click through from here but you have to hit the icon at the bottom that shows my silly hat face and then it will come up – ignore the error message – will consult the WordPress genius desk

      • The WordPress thing is fighting the Instagram thing – unfortunately the Instagram when I set it up attached itself to my personal account – and now it’s being difficult – I e given up on it – the Instagram can run alone – it’s just another platform for playing with poetry and inspiration

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