Anticipation or distraction

Anticipation is a thing of nerves and tissue

It distracts

Like a bird that attacks it’s reflection in a window

Leading nowhere

Delivering nothing

Except a sore head

*I’ve got some exciting news pending. I said I wouldn’t announce it until next week, but I’ve never been one to hold out that long.

In the meantime – header photo – this is what distraction and anticipation look like, a small version of the image so hopefully it doesn’t pixelate.

By the time you are reading this, I will no doubt be driving to Dalby for the Words out West writers event.

More about it on this substack post. Thanks for those that are dropping past for a look at sub stack, I appreciate it. ❤️

6 thoughts on “Anticipation or distraction

  1. Now you are teasing us Kate! 😛 but I guess it is not too long to wait and I do actually enjoy that feeling of anticipation! 😊 Have a safe journey to Dalby!!

    • I like it too once the adrenaline buzz wears off and you can settle into the idea Colin. Thanks – I’m here an hour early – I’m so used to pushing against my husbands penchant for being late that when I travel alone I’m always early. But that’s okay – coffee and a leg stretch time plus check WordPress 😁

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