Jelly Fish Tongue

Adrift in the seaGraceful ballerinasEffortless jetesElegant pirouettesMesmerisingTranslucentBeautyAbandoned on the beachParched and dryingA child pokes with a stickMy tender heart pities For I have a jelly fish tongueWhen writing it dancesDextrousFlexing with easeBut when I speakI am marooned on the beachParched and dryingI poke it with a stickAlas, it freezes Header Photo: a snap I took […]

Light is as light does

It has rained overnight Clouds heavy, Pregnant with raindrops Releasing their burden to gravity Tumbling into the sea below Fresh water colliding with salty Skittering over balconies Curtains drawn We all lay asleep At least I did I have never slept as soundly As I do out here In this enormous cradle Rocking me gently […]


Frowns are habits Our body leans into postures Habits Our face does too I woke this morning feeling poor Anxious Melancholy But it was just my face Conforming to its usual routes and highways I opened my door Stepped outside 7 floors up from the foaming white wake that curls brightly behind this gorgeous ship […]