Light is as light does

It has rained overnight

Clouds heavy,

Pregnant with raindrops

Releasing their burden to gravity

Tumbling into the sea below

Fresh water colliding with salty

Skittering over balconies

Curtains drawn

We all lay asleep

At least I did

I have never slept as soundly

As I do out here

In this enormous cradle

Rocking me gently

The soft creaks of a structure that floats

Ingenuity abounds

Art cascading from light fittings

To floor coverings

A wrap around gallery

I wander now while all are still abed

Poetry is alive

Dancing on block toes

Tutu disappearing around the corner

Coffee a siren

That has me following her aroma

Around and around

Up and down

How do we float, yet carry so much weight?

I thought only light leaves and insects remained buoyant

Carried along the surfaces of water

But one can have heavy thoughts

And not sink

Simply apply air to the space around them

And art

Lots and lots of art

And never imbibe, remain dry

For it is when all that is heavy

Slips inside

That things begin sinking

So in order to fly, to dance and float

Copy the boat



And poet

*always poet (used incorrectly as a verb – I’m taking creative licence) to poet (in my way)is to journal a thought in a lighter way.

I met my fellow writers at sea yesterday morning, and such an inspirational meeting it was. I am so looking forward to learning more today.

My niece, who I am travelling with won $1000 at Bingo when we played for fun in the afternoon. After a terribly unlucky year for her, she couldn’t believe her luck had turned.

And there is another metaphor there. We don’t trust luck when it returns after a long sojourn, sauntering in like a seagone sailor. It is an infusion of wonder all at once. Difficult to take in.

As we watched the musical stage show last night, lights bouncing, tunes pumping, I looked across at her beaming smile and thought my cheeks really haven’t hurt like this for awhile either.

It does a human wonders to spend several days in a row simply smiling

And learning to leave the past where it belongs, behind us

23 thoughts on “Light is as light does

  1. Your nautical sojourn has fired your muse! πŸ˜‰ This is such an atmospheric and reflective piece! πŸ™‚ Hope that you both enjoy whatever today brings! πŸ€—

  2. In Islam, in the Qur’an, God tells us that a sign of His great power and dominion is the fact that He has subjugated the sea so that ships may sail in it by His command, so they sail in the sea like mountains.

    Obviously there are scientific explanations behind the exact mechanics of how it happens…but at the root of it all, we believe, it’s simply a sign of God’s power.

    I would apply the same to planes. Such incredible weight held up in the air…

    In both cases when things go wrong on such vessels, we are reminded of our utter vulnerability…we are reminded that despite all our technological marvels, we are all still subject to far greater forces.

    Beautiful poem, and it makes me want to go on a cruise too. I’ve only ever been once, but it was incredible: Vancouver up to Alaska.

    • I love your reminder that it is a simply a sign of Gods power Yacoob. I’m at breakfast looking out over a vast empty subtly rolling ocean and thinking that even though I am a good swimmer, I could not reach the horizon or land if this ship were to sink. We are always vulnerable and therefore at the whim of forces far greater than us. Placing our lives in the hands of grace is the only option in every moment, and yet we forget. An Alaskan cruise would be incredible. I think I may be hooked on this life enriching experience now. For a writer it is quite an incredible way to travel. This and trains. We have some very long train journeys here in Oz. Perhaps that would also be a lovely way to glide through time and landscapes while still being able to ponder and write and discover new layers of self and the country.

    • Headspace and the freedom to roam there whenever she chooses I think suit her John. Currently sliding down freshly polished banisters and riding glass elevators to the top todo so again – childish and free – we all need a little of that in our seriouslives sometimes 😁

  3. I’m so glad you (and your niece) are having such a delightful time out at sea. It’s not something I’ve ever experienced, but from your poetry and further words, it all sounds totally sublime. What a wonderful place to write and to write so beautifully, too. Reading your poetry, I felt I was on the ship with you. Have a great few days on the Isle of Lifou tomorrow, Kate. I’m sure it’ll be very different to be on dry land again for a while. Make the most of every moment on the vast and wild ocean. I love the video clip – the sea is such a beautiful deep blue. Thanks for sharing your experience and thoughts. Xx πŸ’™

  4. Glad you’re having fun at the retreat. And wow, $1000? That’s amazing, congratulations to your niece. I guess this is a sign that things are going to get better for her.

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