Frowns are habits

Our body leans into postures


Our face does too

I woke this morning feeling poor



But it was just my face

Conforming to its usual routes and highways

I opened my door

Stepped outside

7 floors up from the foaming white wake that curls brightly behind this gorgeous ship

Gracefully carving her way through a tumultuous ocean

Teaming with life

Owning it


The sunrise at sea

The fresh salt air

I breathed

And smiled

A new habit forming

Sent my face due warning

Laugh lines would soon appear

It is silent but for the sound of the waves

It is still but for the subtle roll of the vessel

In meditation

I asked this ship to teach me how to sail and to steer

For what is life but a vast ocean of unsteady and uncontrolled motion

That we must learnt to dance lightly over

Rather than falling in

Hello from the high seas! It’s amazing out here.

11 thoughts on “Sailing

  1. What a wonderful journey, Kate. I am so pleased to know you are having such a wonderful time and also being able to take part in the Writers at Sea retreat that your family gave to you. What a true gift that is. Enjoy every day of your journey. The sea looks fantastic. I can’t imagine being seven ‘floors’ up on a ship, not that I’ve ever been on a ship. Xx 😊

    • Thanks Ellie, we are having a lovely time, very surreal though and there is only so long one can spend in Narnia before the yen to return to normally bursts in. Seven days will certainly be more than enough. We met a couple last night who are doing this cruise back to back, returning to port and then coming back on the ship for this same trip again. I couldn’t do that, I miss my family, my dogs and the earth. 😊💕

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