Maxim for Peace

Love people, use things

This is the tagline of one of the podcasts which I listen to sometimes, The Minimalists

Like many of these phrases, it’s easy on the ear but has mostly slid off

Until it stuck, and then sunk in and now it is how I filter things when I want to get something done that involves other people

Because everything we do, particularly in business, involves other people

And it can become frustrating if you go about it the hard way, the fast way, the usual way

Love people, use things

So often we are manipulated, handled and used as people

Perhaps we unconsciously or consciously do this to others as well sometimes

Companies want us to buy from them

Governance wants to control us

Everyone wants our data

Scams and frauds are at an all time high and seem to be getting worse

How would this world be if instead, we all followed the wise credo love people, use things

It’s a gentle way to live, and as soon as I begin to feel the need to control the situation by controlling other people these days…

The tenant who won’t pay her lease and makes up exotic lies

The Subbie who won’t get back to me with a piece of paperwork that I need

And all of the other interactions both online and offline

I try and recall

Love people, use things

I’m not always successful, but I do try and lead with that thought in situations now, it brings me peace. And amazingly, many situations resolve themselves when we process in a gentle manner. Often it is a case of giving someone just a bit more time, leaving a rude response hang, rather than responding.

Have a lovely day 💕✌️ header picture courtesy ofnUnsplash and Jon Tyler

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  1. I love that. I’m having a hard time with the Subscription person of an US mag I subscribe to. I will remember that in our next email transaction. Thanks 🙂

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