Finding the point of balance – is the point of everything

Something I realised lately

Balance looks nothing like we think it does.

Balance is not perfection, it’s the opposite of perfection.

Balance is seeing ourselves in our entirety

All the things we love
All the things we hate
Acknowledging everything
Accepting everything
And getting on with making the best of what we’ve been given

Balance occurs in nature not in perfection but despite it

There are floods and droughts, fire and rain, predator eats prey. Prey eats grass from the decomposing carcasses of predators (it must be true Mufasa said it was so in the Lion King)

For every problem there is a solution and the only time the problem becomes something that needs human intervention, is when humans stuff things up in the first place with our relentless “fixer upper” way of thinking.

And I believe humans tend to cause chaos because we don’t understand the concept of balance properly.

Particularly when it comes to ourselves. We suffer from all sorts of mental dis ease (🙋‍♀️) trying to correct our flawed perspectives of ourselves and each other.

Balance is not perfection, it is the acknowledgement that it’s okay not to be perfect. In fact it is more natural to be imperfect. We should make the best of what we are and move on.

And then, just like nature, we drift imperfectly into alignment. At least I am finding this to be true for myself.

Header picture: a photo I took a few years ago whilst on a bike trip away at a dam near Emerald. A few days in the bush always restores my equilibrium, it is the same for many of us. Humans need a connection to nature. We are part of it. Subconsciously everything resets and restores when we are amongst it.

Also a quick one, because like anyone after a holiday – I have email and workload overwhelm today

But this is pretty special as it cemented many of the ideas that have been floating around for me lately, about what to do with those parts of us that we don’t like, but unfortunately seem to be stuck like barnacles to our souls, and therefore we must carry them with us, without becoming crushed beneath their weight.

I listened to this podcast episode on the way home yesterday

Highly recommend if, like me (and I believe we are all the same in this way) you have parts of yourself that you keep trying to play wack a mole with .

I’m sorry it doesn’t look more exciting – my embed function didn’t work. It’s not long – 30 minutes perhaps?

Have a great day, busy week this one, but I have lots to share as soon as I find five minutes to get back to my blog again.

18 thoughts on “Finding the point of balance – is the point of everything

  1. Agreed, balance is a necessity and, as you say, not as easy to achieve as you might think.

    I hope the good vibes from your holiday stay with you throughout your busy week ahead! Stay well! 🙏

    • I am trying to hold on to the good vibes Colin. The nature has skewed sharply to the hectic in order to restore my somewhat blissed out brain. Too much of a good thing is a thing! I am awake. The inbox awaits, as does the empty fridge, the laundry pile, the mailbox, dogs to be walked and a whole list of to do’s that must be done. But first, I feed my soul. If it is one thing I have learned, a happy soul will carry you over any amount of garbage but a stressed and starved inner battery has no energy. 😊💪❣️

  2. Balance is indeed such an important thing. Acknowledging imperfection is a very tough thing to do but is important to work with your differences to do your best to find the place you belong 🙂

  3. Love this, Kate! Balance is definitely not perfection. Of late, I’m off-balance since I’m unable to spend my weekends outdoors gardening due to the cold and rainy weather.

    • Gardening brings me back into alignment too Rosaliene and signs id natures imperfect perfect balance is shown time and again in the garden. How plants felt on bees and other insects who in turn rely on the plants. The science and practices of permaculture and organic gardening make use of these intuitive connections to our advantage. It’s a can of wonderful worms 🐛 (no pun intended) when we begin connecting the signs of imbalance and balance in gardening.

  4. Very insightful and interesting perspective. Nature certainly seems to be a magical balance in the midst of (and because of) all the chaos and I appreciate your reminder that I’m part of that natural chaos too.

  5. That’s a lovely image. And yes balance is key. Like you pointed out, it’s not about being perfect but more about accepting ourselves as we are.

  6. Your title perfectly introduces and sums up your interesting thoughts on a topic that permeates everything, Kate.

    ” A few days in the bush always restores my equilibrium… ” – I totally get it. We all need time in nature, yes. Gorgeous photo!

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