Packing Unpacking and Repacking

Travel takes me to a time and place which doesn’t exist

During my everyday existence

Living in that space

Thinking from that place

Giving myself the grace to grow

Consider potential instead of limits

Picture my life without the regular me in it

I expand effortlessly

And I can’t shrink back

So I must repack things differently

*I posted about the importance of travel for growth and implementing change yesterday on Instagram. Mistake. I really must stop treating instagram like a blog, it isn’t for long form writing.

Anyhow, I am just mentioning this because you may need even more encouragement to do so – travel that is – and you will find further encouragement there

I had forgotten just how life changing travel is.

And the more new experiences the better. Time spent out of our comfort zone, slides us into the drop zone. And the drop zone is where magic happens.

More on that later. It’s the night before disembarkation, I’ve done my homework, watched the video, got my luggage tags and am now sitting here writing instead of..

I’ve got to pack! Reality is returning early tomorrow morning. Now I must pick up the shoes, gather the stray pieces of clothing, jewellery, hats, cosmetics – all the things we think we need, and only half of which were used – and somehow assemble them into the suitcases they arrived in.

What arrived, is less than what will now depart. Yet I must squash it all down to fit. I am the same as my luggage – expanded. My mind has grown and I cannot go back to the person I was. I don’t want to.







See you at home ❤️ oh header photo, beautiful Noumea. The most stunning place.

8 thoughts on “Packing Unpacking and Repacking

  1. Highly motivating and inspiring, Kate. I am ready to pack! Really like these lines:

    “And I can’t shrink back / So I must repack things differently”

    Safe travels.

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