Blue is a colour, not a feeling

The bluer the sky

The bluer the sea

I dwell in the sliver, in between

And I am not blue

Not even a bit

I drift on the tide


*After my morning spent snorkeling, I sat watching the water change colour in tune with the sun sparking in and out from behind clouds.

As above, so below

A rather perfect metaphor for how I sometimes allow other peoples whims and moods to affect my feelings.

Perhaps I’ll remember that I’m a person not a reflection in future, perhaps I won’t. I do know that despite their surface connection, the oceans are deep and mysterious, as are the heavens, and so are we.

Every thing and every one are far more vast than appearances would suggest. I used to be unduly bothered about what people thought of me, now I realise assumptions are a weapon the ignorant use on themselves. I know, because I have done the same myself and face planted 🤦‍♀️

You know that moment when you are quite sure your partner is thinking as deeply as you about a relationship issue, and then when you ask it’s, “I was just thinking about how they put that edge in the timber – was it a router or..”
So I’m thinking deeply about our relationship, and you’re pondering the edge on the coffee table?

Face plant 😂

“Sometimes you think too much” I am told

Well yes, obviously.


Header photo : me snorkelling in the waters off Lifou (literally “the sliver in between” I referenced in the poem). And no, I am not blue at all, far from it.

I saw a turtle as large as a wheelbarrow! She was snacking on seagrass, as I floated above. I tried to act cool and not startle her. It felt magical in the moment.

I am grateful for the fact that our ship has no plastic liners in bins, no plastic cutlery or plates. The lack of plastics – apart from bottles which I believe will be recycled – is something I appreciate. I feel very privileged to have been gifted this week out of time.

Google search on spiritual meanings of turtles (because I think too much)

13 thoughts on “Blue is a colour, not a feeling

  1. From one overthinker to another~since I’ve known you I have felt a connection~to your views, thoughts, experiences…all the layers in life. I’ve never snorkeled, Kate. It’s sad! You look so beautiful in the sliver! I see you watching the sea turtle and feel the words you shared. I face plant often with my “deep thinking” (and of course I research meanings all the time…I call them my rabbit holes and loved ones just excuse me from their realities, lol!). You’re definitely not blue, or feeling blue, but the blue looks beautiful around you. Much love my friend! 🌊💙 💛

    • Much love to you Karla, it was a glorious morning. I hope you are able to experience snorkeling soon. There are so many things I haven’t done either, one of those is snow. I hope to do this soon.

      • Thank you, Kate. I’ll forever think of you when it snows! May we keep reaching out dreams. 💕 please stay safe and blessed …much love ❤️

  2. Kate, I enjoyed reading your introspective writing. Love the photo too! Swimming with sea turtles is indeed magical. ✨ Thanks for sharing the turtle symbolism.

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