The tide of time

Condensing the superfluous to a strong tonic

Then drinking that tonic every morning.

Clarity is the medicine

The focus point I’ve needed


*We did the simplest of exercises whilst away on writers retreat.

What do you really want to achieve in this life?

We are all dying, but at any point, no matter how old, our greatest gift as humans (and some would say curse) is the ability to look forward and plan, create goals, have a purpose to work towards

We worked on what we wanted to achieve in ten years, and then refining that to what needed to happen in five years, two years, one year, six months, now

I am very good at worrying about the future – but what if instead I planned, carefully according to my biggest dreams, and the expectation that those dreams could/would come true

Not looking ahead with anxiety (well maybe a little bit, don’t the say if your dreams don’t scare you then they are not big enough?) But instead looking ahead with excitement

Let excitement to pull me forward

I will be sixty in ten years

That sentence stops my heart and brain. I cannot believe I am aging because I don’t feel it on a day to day basis.

But I will be sixty. And I have a lot to do before that birthday arrives. We cannot hold back the tide of time. But we can make it count.

Do your sums. Work it out. Dream big. And plan your time accordingly. that was the advice and I did so

Now I pass that advice along because it is working nicely

The header photo is of my sons. They are working on a new dream of a business which is pulling us all forward, for them, for us.

This is the power of harnessing purpose in an intentional, directional way and outlining the steps, as clearly as possible, that will take you where you want to go.

Don’t get scared, become excited. The trip between birth and death is so very brief.

I have a deeply personal dream which I am rocking like a baby at night. It’s working. Time has become words which I breathe, taking big gulps and watching the pages fall into place behind me. And that singular focus comes from finally having self belief, combining it with purpose and sprinkling it with excitement at regular intervals to keep it all percolating

Work on your dreams like they are reality and they will become so.

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