AI art and what it means for writers

Yesterday I found an AI art generative programme.

Joanna Penn (the creative penn podcast) talked this week about how she is obsessed with hers and is using it for all things. It is inspiring and fun to run her characters and scenes through the software to see what they came up with as an image.

After a bit of a shite day, this afternoons play cheered me up no end.

Creativity is supposed to be fun

And this reminded me.

It’s pretty glitchy stuff – you type a description into the create bar and then the AI does its thing – sometimes the results are hilarious (see Mrs Doubtfire on crack picture which was supposed to be teenage girl in flying helmet with tutu and stripy socks aka Stripy – this looks like a crazy person but I love it)

I ran a few of the other characters through as well.

I won’t be able to use them for anything much – they are simply not good enough – but they fire my imagination and give me a lot of inspiration and fun.

They also allow me to conceptualise characters (if it works – and if not I still get a cool surprise after the prompt runs its course)

I use Artssy – you can google it.

And when people worry about AI, I have to recall that once upon a time there wasn’t google, or wifi or way back in the dark ages – fire. We invent, we create, it’s what we do. Have an awesome day and remember creation is supposed to be fun.

I wrote about this here:

Not that I am moving to substack – I’m certainly not, it’s just I have found I like chatting to Stripy and I have shorter posts over there because she has no attention span whatsoever.

There will also be images (as I build them) posted to Instagram over the next few days (until I get tired of the novelty)

AI generated art
Mrs Doubtfire on crack
Another one which went wrong but I rather like it
Whimsical – just love the two flying Stripys

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    • I find them very whimsical and some are really beautiful – I was playing around with poetry last night and that really got me interested – it’s just another medium but instead of picking up a paintbrush you are tapping on a keyboard – the poetry is mine

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