They are becoming

Far away on the veldt

where the golden grass sways

A lioness drops her head


“when is it coming Mother – our numbers are dwindling”


Whispers the moon

Adrift In the ocean

Another harpoon

A mother

loses her child

watching it hauled

flopping and bloody

on to the vessel

The men running

to secure the chains

She feels her calf’s pain

in her veins


and cries

“When is it coming?”

“Soon – be strong little mother – soon”

And bombs fall

A mother wraps her shawl

huddles with her children

in the shelter of a wall

Tears streaming

Heart screaming

“When is it coming?”

But she can’t hear the reply

though it is there

She is blinded

and scared

by a thousand years

she has lost her instincts

Thinks no one cares

But they do

And the she wolves call

And the eagles scream

and the hot earth rises

lifting the steam

and along the tarmac

the soft shoes march

pink is the colour

that blurs as they pass

and a little girl asks

“What are they doing”

To her father

“They are becoming”

He whispers

And I wonder yet

if he even understands

that the ocean has her power

The clouds bring the floods

Even the earth rises up in dust

and in every one of us

is her power

the sacred feminine divine

No wonder they shuddered

tried to muffle it down

For years they burnt us

and drowned

the women that rose up

to declare

this is wrong

For there is no tsunami

There is no flood

No fire

No storm

as great and awesomely powerful

as when women stand together

and start the housework


And this planet needs a good clean out from one end of it to the other! When I speak of they Insont mean good men. Good strong men love good strong women – they are our partners. Yin and yang. 

When I say they I mean the men of power who are corrupt and evil and yes there may be women there too but the overwhelming majority are weak men.

Donald Trump was the straw that broke the back of women everywhere – he was that last pair of dirty underwear tossed on the bathroom floor that set this cleaning storm to start.

I hope it doesn’t stop until the world is clean again. And good men know – to either pick up a mop and help or get out of the way – there is work ahead. 






13 thoughts on “They are becoming

    • Rachel I am feeling so much in my heart – I was lying in bed when the lioness walked into my head – I had to tell her story the whales and it is truly our story – humanities story – I had tears rolling as I typed but hope such hope because I hope that women will start cleaning from one end of this planet to the other and that good men will help them – to see all those ladies with humour and grace – so many of my idols Cheryl Strayed Marianne Williamson so many others – it gives me hope there might be a solution coming. I’ll join it – already have βœŠπŸ»βœŠπŸΌβœŠπŸ½βœŠοΈπŸ’…πŸ’ƒπŸΎπŸ‘’πŸ”₯πŸŒͺ 🌏

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