In the peaceful



Beginnings of a new day

The colours of it just appearing

Spreading tentative fingers of light

Over the horizon

Air cool upon my skin

Mind fresh from diving deep within

Cleared of the hate of yesterday’s rant

I will tell you a story

A story of my dream

In it I was in a room

It was part of my work

I had to go and get something

Retrieve it

From the other end

But between me

And what I wanted

Was a thick matting


Choking of webs

Spider webs

I had to part the webs to walk through

Thick clusters of white


Egg sacks

Dangled by my face

I was fearful


My heart racing

The trailing webs sticking to me

My fingers

My hair

But I got through

Retrieved what I wanted and retreated

Ordered poison to be bought

Sprayed on the room

To kill the infesrstion of spiders


In the meantime I had to return

Again and again

It got easier for the path was already clear

In the end

there was nothing there

I had found the solution myself

The room was clean

I went home

The next morning I returned to my work

I had forgot about the poison I had ordered

It had been sprayed in the night

The fumes hit me as I walked in

And I instantly regretted the toxic mess

I tried to sleep

But my bed

Was uncomfortable

It smelt


Of poison

I didn’t like it

Poison everywhere

Green frogs everywhere

Some were dying

Blackened skin blistering

They were coated in poison

I looked up meanings to my dream this morning

Frogs are a sign of healing and metamorphosis – transformation

I had killed healing

And metamorphosis



And stupidly


I realised my dream was my deeper self talking to me
I’ve had these sort of dreams before

They tell me things

But I have to work out what they mean

And I don’t always get it right


I jump in

and sometimes get it wrong

So to be on the safe side

No more hateful rants

Stand up
Stand alone

And don’t send forth any negative energy into the world

I think I have it right

You see

Words are powerful

I had forgotten that

In my hatred

And hatred is mad

And blind

And small

It is of no use to anyone at all

It’s a toxic poison

That kills frogs





I can’t take mine back

And I have said I won’t  look back

Only forward in time

When I’m reminded

By my own mind

Not to hate

Yesterday’s rant of course refers to my Posts on Donald Trump – it takes time but peace comes but then I wonder without my writing – would it. I have never found a quicker solution to rage then to write it out of your system but then…put it in the bin. πŸ˜ŽπŸ•Šβœ¨

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  1. Beautiful photo and lovely poem. Paul at posted yesterday and invited readers to mention blogs they like and give a shout out. I linked to yours πŸ’ŸπŸ’Ÿ

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