Still Angry


not sorry

The big orange (thanks Ray you’re right)

He is orange


has bent me sideways and over the moon

(the rhyme is so obvious – fetch me another word brain – fetch me another

oh don’t bother)

I am over the moon

over that buffoon (another obvious device – brain you imbecile

that’s twice!) See previous post if you’re lost on my asides


he (Donald)

Since I’ve lost the plot and so have you

where were we up to

doesn’t matter here will do

has served a very important purpose

and that purpose


he woke me up

If before I had thought I was woken

I was not


until the finality was spoken

And I was choking


“Ladies and Gentlemen please welcome

you’re 45th President of the United States”

Or words to those effect

And I’m an Australian

We take the cake

with some of our politicians

Our people are awake

to that

Though I must admit most of them are pissed



Australia day so


I wondered

Why am I getting so steamed?

Three days – that is amazing

I usually can’t stay angry



fif teen minutes

I’m too reasonable

I see the other side

Don’t hate

Can’t hate

But I hate Donald Trump

Can’t get over the lump

in my throat

and they ask why?


I’m a member

of the entire

human race

and we’re all connected

and working at the coalface

of a world that is rapidly running out of space

And I can’t have all the Americans over here

They won’t fit

And you say it is only four years

Like that is a thing which reduces


what has been done

In four years our planet could be done

done for in four years

depends what he signs off on

Look at what has happened

the destruction that has occurred

in just the last ten

twenty years

here on earth

Species and landscape wiped out





Four years is toooooo much

in the clutches of a lunatic



This earth doesn’t have four years of such



This man

and his man handling

will handle us into the bin

He has done one thing


he has tightened my resolve

to be a better Vegan

And the whole world might be the same




Do you know the stock

that they transport

not the ones that they trade

but that as well yes

No – the cattle, the sheep, the turkeys, the pigs, the chickens, the milk and the eggs

all those things?

which are animals and beings

Well not the eggs – so much

I eat them

Mine sometimes

My hens are treated like queens

but these


“thing” beings

are just commodities to the business of

making meat



come on aboard humans

To the Trump road train

Donald Trump and his henchman just bought you

and they will treat you just the same

as stock to slaughter

and the wild earth and its inhabitants

they will shoot up in smoke

blow rings out of smoked cigars

and drive around in big expensive cars

puffing out exhaust fume scars


Ooooh good money in timber

It’s gettin scarce

buy it up

buy it up fast

scrub their hands

wave them

forward to the men

who will bring chainsaws and machinery

cut down

lay down

pipelines and obsenery

like idiotic walls

all over

our beautiful scenery

because there is no money in scenery

less they charge you for it

and they will





That one lone tree left?

Don’t bother peering over his wall for a glimpse

He’ll charge you if you’re still breathing

But you won’t be easily

Did you know one large tree produces just enough oxygen for 4 humans?

That scared me silly when I read it

There isn’t enough trees on our planet

Oh our planet

they will bludgeon our planet to death

if there is even two dollars to be made.

What will they do for a million?

A trillion

Run up that debt

call it a swillion


there is no ceiling

on lunacy

just a big



And we have no Plan B


Anything that is precious to women

or men

but mostly women because




he will destroy

our little boys

sent to war

our little girls

turned into whores

though they aren’t but he treats them that way


and don’t get me wrong I have no problem with whores

or bitches or any female hide

we’re all in it


He hates us all

Because he can’t understand

Can’t stand

Our marching

our humour

Our intelligence

our passion

He just thinks we’re there for grabbin

grabbin pussy

“you just grab it cos you can”

he says

what sort of a man

do you call that

piece of dogshit

under my shoe

makes me sick

physically ill

stone cold

swilling hate


So Donald Trump you’ve already done impossible things

You made me hate somebody and for quite some time I see no end in sight for my hatred of you

You made me stick too

to something which has been hard to do

You made me resolve to activate against

at any turn

anything you do

And I’m a pretty  laid back person as a rule

I don’t go around making a fuss

I’m more into




I’ll watch you like a hawk your bastard

We all will

And you will get nothing but trouble from women

your whole term


Whew – well that feels slightly better but not much sorry for the odd swear word which crept in – I don’t mind swearing – in the appropriate place it is as good an adjective as any other and sometimes hammers the point home better and boy has my head been hammering points today.

I think


to leave the subject of Donald Trump

alone for awhile

Thanks for listening and putting up with it.

By the way – although I’m a feminist which just means I love and support females and they need a little support in a world that is so heavily geared towards men.

Don’t get me wrong

I love men, I love the fact that they retain their boyish sense of humour and fun. They work so hard and love with big hearts. 

I love their strength

Their different way of thinking

I love good men

I love my brothers, my husband and brothers – my late father, my father in law and extended friends who are men.

This is no man

Donald Trump is the weakest version of that gender I have seen to date.







Before I set off again and send brain scurrying and hurrying to present me with more rhyme

Work overtime.

I have to – or it won’t go away and then I will have to stare at his wall – his wall of hate in my own mind for the next four years.

And what we focus on grows and I would prefer to grow love, spread love and keep love here at my little blog home


Sometimes you’ve just got to let it flow out the fingertips in order to empty out. Think I’m done.







Thanks for your patience!

Header image of the lone pine tree on Norfolk Island – think I posted about it on Instagram but it is over 600 years old 



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  1. There has certainly been a lot of emotions surrounding this presidency. I’ve got my qualms and concerns, but I am putting my trust in God. The one area that is upsetting is the way the church is lifting him up as a savior. That part upsets me greatly.

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