I won’t look back anymore

I looked at the moon last night

It hung

An orange crescent

Like a fishing hook

For my thoughts 

So I lent it some

It was late

Or early

Early for today

Late for yesterday

But right somehow

For writing

So I did

I wrote for two hours because

At those hours

With only a dream for company

When one isn’t quite sure what is reality

And what is not

Things are easy

Everything is doable


So I write then


Everything is doable

And I post

And don’t look back

Because those who look back are stuck

And I’m not stuck there anymore 

Or so I thought 

I did today 

Look back

At a post at 1pm later in the day

When it was hot

And real

And thoughts were wearing me thin

And fraught

And I thought

Perhaps not


So I changed it to private

Now I regret it because it said was it says

And I’m reminded

That in life

One can’t go back

Pluck the words off the ground

Whence they landed

Not offence

Though I can’t help if you find me offensive

Nor love

Nor hate

Nor violence

Nor the fact that you were late

Or early

But I took back

Yet I won’t look back


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