The 24 hour Orbit

I have been away again

National Parks have become my new addiction, there are so many beautiful ones near where I live

When you’re the only person in the place it feels like a kingdom all of your own

Still learning how to fly my drone, though remembering how to be comfortable behind my cameras again

Lake Nuga Nuga National Park – Remote Bush Camp
My camp for the night was basically a swag in the back of my ute and of course – a camp fire 🔥
The reflections on the shallow water are mesmerising
The drone allows for a higher perspective
More reflections
Lake Nuga Nuga is full of these ancient dead tree skeletons that provide the birds with perches over the massive expanse of water
My camp tree – first light – woken by he kookaburras raucous laughter – probably at my expense
My yoga mat and what a divine studio – my sun salutations were deeply intentional 😇

Last night I woke up seemingly every half an hour or so. Because of the absence of any light pollution, the stars were incredibly bright

I noticed the constellations shifting as our planet oscillated and the satellites speeding across the night sky

I realised that the words sunrise and sunset are misnomers

It is not the sun that rises, but we who move into its orbit

It is not the sun that rises

It is us

And that seemed portentous somehow

Like a choice that we can make each day – to stay, to rise, and to make the most of our daily orbit

When I first arrived, I was amazed at having phone service – so I uploaded a few photos to Instagram

Then wondered wby the compulsion to share

Yes it was beautiful but ….who really cares but me

I thought of the kangaroo lolling in the shade behind me who had none of the noise that filled my head

And I was jealous

It took hours to simply be

To stop fiddling with my cameras and books and scribbling

But when I finally did – the world fell away, I sat and stared and drifted like the clouds – the peace remained with me this morning – I hope I can recall some of it – the photos and videos help – that is why I take them.

To remember and hold me until I can go again

17 thoughts on “The 24 hour Orbit

  1. Whoa. Those pictures of Lake Nuga Nuga are like an acid trip. I think you share the pictures because you have to. They are beautiful. When I’m on vacation, I try to write daily about my surroundings. It imprints the experience on my brain in ways that photos can’t. You live in a simply amazing country.

    • Hi Jeff, I combine journaling, poetry, photos, videos and a few found pressed flowers or leaves sometimes – the combo certainly enshrines memories. I love that once the memory is there, we get to borrow it in any old waiting room or lack lustre experience and dwell for a few minutes “elsewhere” 😊

    • I was wary of them to be honest – thought it might be yet another thing I wanted but didn’t need – the photography got me in the end, and the little DJI drones are brilliant but not too expensive – so I took the plunge – still a very nervous pilot but practice practice. Plus it is very good for my neck strength…all that looking up 😂

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