That which we can hold

Say it’s real

For so long

Slipping through my fingers

Pieces of energy

Falling away

Through cracks in screens


And rarely seen

By me at least

For ages

Words swallowed


Scrolled past

Pictures zoomed

Pieces of space garbage

Adding to billions

Of space garbage

Swirling around in the internet

Nothing in there is real

“In there” doesn’t exist

Yet it does

Accessed by humans everyday

In ways

Which make a dog frown

As she watches her owner

Stare at a screen

What does any of it even mean?

People becoming faker and faker

Nothing reliable

Fragile egos grow flimsy

Cattle truck thinking

Over and over

Regurgitated thinking

Creating pathways to nowhere



Sky above

Earth below

An instant photo printing

I watch it develop


Now this

This I can hold onto

9 thoughts on “Tangible

    • Hi Colin, very well thanks, we’ve had a minor flurry over a breakout of Covid in the state and they have locked down areas – we might be overly dramatic in Australia but I don’t mind that as we have suffered less than other countries with the Covid curse and it probably has a lot to do with micro management and over reaction. I’ve been spending a lot of time offline hence no blog posts just lots of scattered bits of paper and phone notes and journal entries. Getting back to it slowly and catching up with others as well. Hope you guys are okay over there too.

      • That is good to hear! Ha, as many as a thousand scattered bit of paper perhaps? 😉 (Yeah, I known … groan! but couldn’t resist it)
        Stay well and stay safe! 🙂

  1. I love how you equate cyber-litter to space junk. Such an apt comparison. Does the internet have a finite storage capacity? In 2032, will we need to perform a purge before it all crashes down on us? One thing on the internet that is 100% real is the bits of soul we bloggers pour onto the screen. I know this is a small percentage of the content, but when I stumble onto a blog after googling something, I’m always pleased.

    • Exactly right Jeff – blogging is the only internet medium I I find authentic and real, depending of course who we read. I really enjoy bloggers which is why even with my scepticism of social media, I return to the blog.

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