Clarity and Common Sense

If you watch the sunset with a glass of wine

You disappear into the wine

But if instead you sit with empty hands

And a clear gaze

You fall into the clouds as they change

From gold

To pink

And back again

Sighing in the blue light

When the shows over

Dust the pants off

And climb down the ridge

A head full of beauty

Heart clean, mind ringing like a bell

Utter clarity

Is so full of meaning

And empty

Of anything else

It’s been four years (almost, one month to go) since I gave up alcohol completely.

I have been staring at sunsets and dawn skies since I was a child

Somewhere along the way, I added in extras

A cigarette, a glass of wine, a beer

And it took awhile to leave that tickle of fingers that grasped for “a little something” with which to enjoy the view

It felt for ages like something was lacking

Now, it is a joy to sit still, usually with my bum on the ground and back to a tree and simply disappear into the clouds, the sounds of birds, the flutter and drone of insects around me

And want for nothing

Just feel my head empty of everything – and sometimes that takes awhile but eventually it happens

What it fills up with instead is magic

It would be great if everyone could experience that peace

There would be no wars

No over consumerism

And we would worship the planet and protect it

Like it made some kind of common sense

11 thoughts on “Clarity and Common Sense

  1. Beautiful! The simple and purest things are so often the best.
    Congratulations on giving up the booze too, I regularly manage one month a year without but not sure I’m ready to go without forever!

    • I would never go back Steve – my life has been so much fuller and more adventurous without it. Drinking is a comfort fly trap – once ensconced with beverage in hand it seems perfectly okay not to do anything else for the evening. Well done you on the month each year – many don’t even attempt that.

  2. When I quit smoking many years ago, for quite some time, I felt something was missing when I tried to relax. But that feeling eventually went away. And my life was and is much better from quitting before I did irreparable damage to my body.

    • Absolutely – I think with smoking breathing and meditation really help but I gave up by chewing nicotine gum and of course then I simply shifted the addiction to gum. Over all that now thank goodness for stillness.

  3. I’ve been a non-smoker for 10 years now. In my past I had to have a drink if I had a cigarette. It’s how I grew up. Everyone I knew it seemed. The thought of it makes me ill. And now, smelling it makes me near sick. And I grew up with parents as smokers {they have both stopped}. I have an occasional glass of wine. But it is not needed. If we could all find common sense and clarity through loving our Earth and all its inhabitants. It’s so good to breathe fresh air and hope.

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