Where do we live?

Where are we building? And what? Virtual storehouse 300 posts Photos Internet ghosts That live on long after the original copy is gone Are there any originals? I don’t know anymore Perhaps we are all so interconnected Lives intersected Only by time zones Memories stored on the web Are we not avatars Standing next to […]

The race to nowhere

The sensation of watching through a car window Life rushing past All those people that drive along side Faces in vehicles Passing by I’m moving fast Faces blur Life is a journey Not some ambling detour That goes around and around Sometimes it’s only the people in the same vehicle that are still here We […]

Stained glass windows

There is something about people who have weathered difficult circumstances Some get harder Layered like strips of leather Their mien once supple Becomes tough and loses its pliable Flexible Qualities They don’t bother with niceties Voices sharp Condescending Nasty bite Random fights Set off Like clocks Always at the point of alarm Then there are […]

What we leave unsaid

It’s the ghosts of words unspoken Like shadows in the corner They crawl out further As each hour passes And I dwell in that Place The things I should have said Instead I let them pass With heavy thoughts And a sigh I didn’t know what words to use And the time to use them […]

When shadows

As surprising As a butterfly alighting Something danced along my skin Raising the fine hairs Then sent them Collapsing Like dominos I turned You were watching A match struck spark I laid down my paint brush Walking barefoot Through the dimly lit house The aroma of just snuffed candles Spreading tendrils Of heady perfume As […]