The cage

I am annoyed that this narrow moment Is all my brain can see That whatever feeling or thought I’m having Is a cage I pace the walls until …relief! A new perspective arrives And my souls sighs Blowing wind in my sails And onward we go *whatever moment you’re having, know it will end. End […]


Sunrise golden beamsThrough dark wood blindsPatterns against the wallGoldenDarknessGoldenDarknessGoldenDarknessStripes that envelope my handMy shoulderMy torsoMy legsWithGoldenDarknessGoldenDarknessGoldenDarknessI am a striped beingOf golden and darknessAnd I take these patterns with meInto the world This was Day 7 of the dirtythirty challenge on Facebook. I liked it so have included it here for those that aren’t partaking in […]