Kingdoms far far away

I'm sitting with my heart
It won't sleep
It's keeping me awake
So high this morning
So happy
Now it just feels old
Like it has lived too much
Too long
And is being crushed
Under the weight
Of a thousand fold
And too many things
Sitting on the bottom of the ocean floor
With all that weight
Pressing down
Things to do
To catch up
And none that it wants to do
Like this job
That it does in the land of the living
It doesn't want to do that anymore
Instead it wants to run away
And recite poetry
Leap like the twirling dervish
Or shine
Like the beautiful Gabriella
Doors opening
Then banging shut
The winds of change
Chimes jangling
On cords
That wrap
Choking me
Fuck it
Makes me annoyed
To be so buoyed
Only to collapse
And be normal again
The trouble with travelling
I guess
To kingdoms

In explanation – I attended my first poetry slam last night. Of course it is on the coast and several hours of driving away. Absolutely magical and I have found my hearts calling absolutely one hundred percent THIS is what I want to do!
But then
Of course
There is the real world and travelling home.
After such an emotional couple of days and too little sleep
There is a bit of late night mumbling and grumbling going on at the top of this head of mine
And further down as well

It will subside eventually

It better – I'm working in the football canteen all day tomorrow and I have a feeling that my calculations on how much a sausage roll plus two drinks plus a pie and a hot dog will be severely interfered with if I don't get some snooze time shortly.

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