Dross into Gold

Breathe in hate

Breathe in discontent

Breathe in the energy of all that ferment


Draw on that of those who seek to have the slightest problem with you


When you feel like you cannot take on anymore


You will surely burst and lose your temper

It is then

That you must draw it into your heart



All those who have ever loved you and you them

Grow warm with this love

Let it melt the hard rock of cold old words and embittered feelings which you carry deep within

Let them thin


Become malleable

Sliding candle wax dripping down your sides 

Opening your ribs

Butter in a hot pan glides

Around the edges of your mind

Bubbles turn to steam





Letting it out gently

Flowing into the world

Taking in the dross

Turning it to gold 
A smallish morning meditation ❤️

3 thoughts on “Dross into Gold

  1. I have read this poem three times and I can’t quite put my finger on how you achieved a completely effective message of “letting go” “focus on positivity” without being cliche or shallow at all. Perfect. I needed the message as well as the example to improve my own poetry. Thank you so much!

    • I’m so glad you liked it however there is no method of construct in my poetry – it just flows out. I think this happens because I have read a great deal of poetry and when you read what you love eventually what you write becomes what you love…if that makes sense – we can’t help but absorb the method but it won’t happen in the brain, it happens in the heart ❤️

      • I have read a shit ton of classic poetry and basically not a whole lot of free form or modern poetry. I have recently though and I agree with time we get a feel for it. Thanks.

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