Just roll

It spins Like a roulette wheel Like a compass seeking North Like a random Chopping knife Dicing close across the board Move your fingers Slide surreptitiously deep Hide them in pockets Where the mind cannot reach And know Whatever comes You’ll be fine You’ll be fine It’s just life It slides this way and that […]


Writing is solitary And whenever we make it less than that We dilute ourselves Yet we have to go out in the world to gather stories Gather fuel Food for the writing It always shakes me up I’ve been travelling So Routine falters Concentration wanders And the word birds fly to other fields This morning […]

I’ve been having a lot of epiphanies latelyThose moments when life shifts completelyDoors open into rooms you didn’t even know were thereHadn’t consideredThings so shockingly mind bending that they rattleAnd discombobulateFamily thingsInner thingsOuter thingsIt’s like a constant vibration is on the roll within and without at the momentIn the momentIt always has been this way […]